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We don’t get involved in gimmicks or the latest fad but instead opt for time tested strategies.  This often results in a very balanced approach to making financial decisions.

We have been around the industry for several years and are familiar with many of the financial planning software programs that exist.  We have been exposed to many of the planning type systems that have become more popular in the last few decades and we have also been exposed to some of the more intense insurance based selling systems in industry as well.  This puts us in a nice position to be keen on the pro’s and con’s to each.  Like almost everything else we preach in our process; balance is the key!

Check out the “wealth castle” we use for analyzing opportunities and ideas.

Cut once and measure twice is our philosophy when it comes to strategies and risk management.  We like to spend the extra time up front so we know there aren’t surprises down the road.

  • Opportunity cost
  • Interest rate risks
  • Equity market risks
  • Currency valuation changes
  • Longevity
  • Technological obselescense

As you might imagine this list could quite possibly go on for much longer, but these are the largest issues we find we get the most concerns and questions regarding.

Our multi step process

Great accomplishemts can be obtained by many small steps.

Importance of a process

1. Initial consultation

“Kicking the tires”

In this phase of our process we are really still getting to know one another to make sure we are a good fit to work together.  We welcome any and all challenging questions and know this leads to better long term relationships!

2. Solution strategizing

“Highly tailored to you”

In this phase of the process we dive into details on almost any and all topics in the world of finance that are relevant and important to you.  We use what we’ve found in phase 1 to develop cost effective strategies along the way.

3. Monitor progress

“Fostering relationships over time”

This is our phase in the planning where we begin to dig into unique needs, roll with market swings, make adjustments as needed and continue to strategize.

Getting started….

This is the point in the planning process where we are really focused on addressing any concerns you may have.  We try to spend a great deal of time uncovering needs or goals, getting to know one another and really start fostering a quality relationship.

If we are meant to work together we would typically conclude by addressing how our cost structure works.

Our cost structure can include

  • Fees assessed to account
  • commissions and fees
  • commissions only
  • Fee for advice

It is typical that we would only use financial products when they are needed.  That means, there are times when we would work with someone and not receive a fee but over time that is the most common way that we are paid.

Our fees are a range that is totally based on the services provided.  Our typical client would be charged a fee in the range of 1.0% to 1.45% for investment management services for a typical size account.  If the account is larger then we would have breakpoints down from those fee levels.  If the services required are more administrative in nature than our fee level can change drastically down!

Our commissions are mainly derived from the life insurance side of the business.  We still find a lot of our clients overpaying for their current life contracts and most like the idea of correcting this issue once found.


We value and sincerely respect our clients and expect the same in return.  We take this as a serious manner and don’t like to enter into costly endeavors and we trust that you are the same.  Lets face it, sometimes two parties were not cut out for each other and that is fine.


During this phase of the process we would attempt to uncover any of the items that you might want us to know in order to be able to help you construct a strategy that makes sense.

  • goals
  • accepted risk
  • products to avoid (if any)
  • time frame expecations
  • any personal items you want us aware of

It will be important at this phase in the planning that you divulge the who, what, when, where, why and who in an effort for us to really be able to guide you and help.

We find this part of the process to be the most important to get correct the first time.  If we don’t have the proper expectations entering into our relationship then we often see it cause issues down the road.

We sometimes fly through this part of the planning process which is fine too but that is not the norm.  Here is a short list of the items we would like to see you have ready for this portion of the process

  • tax returns-2 years
  • investment account statements-most recent
  • business information including arrangements/ownership
  • insurance knowledge or docs (preferred)
  • any and all items you want reviewed

Time frame and more details

It is nearly impossible to state how long this part of the process will take.  It will boil down 100% to what you have in your world to work with.  We can honestly say that we do not have two identical clients.  We treat each and every person as a custom tailored plan.

This phase in the process can be as simple as a few minutes combined with another meeting if in a huge rush or a multi step process that gets into highly technical number crunching and planning for certain scenarios.

Implement and monitor

We like to position ourselves’ on the same side of the table as clients. We believe in providing clients access to products designed with a reasonable fee structure that is paid over time rather than a front-loaded fee schedule.

We truly feel this leads us down a mutually beneficial relationship where ongoing monitor and service are built into the services we offer.

We believe that our investment philosophy and willingness to follow the clients desire is the number one thing that we can offer to serve you. At Innovative Wealth Partners we are 100% independent, and we produce NO products, so we don’t have a conflict of interest in our advice. Our main focus is you!

Attention to details is key

It would be our opinion that ongoing monitoring is the key to success.  If one is always 100% certain that their risk tolerance and time frames are correct; it becomes much easier to make better decisions.

Over time; things change.  We find it somewhat comical that people are using decision methods based on a set of parameters that are almost totally different today than what they have been in the past.

We feel that the use of the most current trends in the industry is vital to staying abreast of the ever changing facts we face.

Just like an Iphone wasn’t even an item 20 years ago, it would be a lot different speaking about buying stock in Apple 20 years ago versus today.  A lot has changed!We find our industry stuck in the model of thinking that history repeats itself and that market cycles are a part of that history that will repeat.

At IWP we feel that it would be much more likely that history might be one of many tools to learn from but that its unlikely to repeat itself.

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