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Develop a sensible strategy

Planning is the act of bringing the future into the present so that we can do something about it today.

Monitor progress over time

We make changes to strategies often when objectives change or market conditions adjust.  We believe in reviewing at least annually to discuss trends, provide updates and review financial matters.

Mental confidence

Our clients can feel more confident knowing that we strive to align our risk acceptance levels with our financial decisions.  Market valuations are important in making financial decisions but not as much as being consistent and sticking to a strategy.


We attempt to help get our clients organized so that we are prepared for any life event that might surprise us or our family.  We do this by using a Estate guide a Wealth Castle in part.

Finance/Life balance

We understand that money does not grow on trees!  Our goal is to uncover inefficient dollars in your current world and use those resources in a more effective manner moving forward.


Sometimes education can be overwhelming and too much but over time, understanding/wisdom can help provide clarity.  We attempt to “connect the dots” when the timing is appropriate.

Two parrallel lines theoretically “never” meet but we cannot truly prove this because we cannot physically see this with our own eyes.

We must truly trust the service providers that we choose in this world.  We find that certain assumptions must be utilitized “correctly” in order to efficiently make financial decisions.  We feel that these “assumptions” are vitally important to get correct because they are often at the core of someones values and beliefs and also have large impacts on the outcomes.

We are on a mission to utilize the talents, knowledge, and resources we have to help you pursue your goals and objectives. Whether it is planning for retirement, retaining the money you have and making it last a lifetime, planning for an upcoming big expense such as college or investment property, our staff is ready to help. We have a vast degree of experience in a wide range of areas and also have relationships established for the areas that we are not experts in ourselves. We do not try to be the “jack of all trades” when it comes to financial matters. We pride ourselves in knowing our talents and weaknesses well and being able to align clients with the correct “partners” to guide along the way.

You should know…

Here are some of the values that we hold ourselves too:

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect
  • Professional
  • Responsiveness
We can assist clients with Investments
  • mutual funds/ETF’s
  • stocks
  • bond or bond funds
  • unit trusts
  • REIT’S
  • structure notes
  • certificates of deposit’s
  • consultation on opportunities
We can assist clients with Insurance contracts…
  • life insurance
  • long term care insurance
  • variable, fixed and indexed annuities
  • advice on insurance decisions

“Our goal is not a quick fix but instead a long term relationship based upon trust and respect.  We provide wisdom for you to make educated choices.”

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