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Top 10 Financial Tips

Top 10 Financial Tips – in our opinion.. Don’t overpay for insurance We feel it is wise for a consumer to check deductibles and coverages closely.  We have found over the years there are many instances when clients were overpaying for coverages that they didn’t know they had and certainly they were not planning on […]


MMT-Modern Monetary Theory

What is MMT? MMT is an acronym for modern monetary theory.  As many of you already know, there are several styles or philosophies behind the macro level of economics.  Mainly they break down to what we would classify and as Keynesian and Austrian styles of econ.  We do not want to use this video to […]


Specialized Strategies

We offer many “outside the box” ideas to our clients and view ourselves as specialists in this area. We spend a great deal of time studying the economy and researching opportunities in the industry. This is simply a short list of ideas that you might enjoy reading about. This is not comprehensive in nature and […]


Kyle Bass fan page

KYLE BASS FAN PAGE* One of the economists that we enjoy listening to and following is named Kyle Bass. Kyle was made famous by a prediction he made in 2007. He correctly saw the real estate crash of 2008 well in advance of many others in the industry. If you want to know when we […]