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We can help put together a plan to accomplish your goals. Our “plans” can get extremely extensive and complex or they can be a very simple such as just going over the pro’s and con’s. This is a complex field of study, however, we specialize in using word pictures and analogies that help simplify.

This is something that is important to do but often overlooked due to perceived cost! Assumptions aren’t always reality! Check with us today how economical it can be.

Legal docs - be respectful to family*

Wills, trusts, power of attorneys’ (POA), health care POA, ownership or legal arrangements, business arrangements, buy sell agreements, just to name a few items we review.

Insurance coverages or protection strategies

We review coverage amounts, costs, plans, and look for cost recovery strategies. We review all home, auto, umbrella, disability, long term care and life insurance.

Retirement plans

Can range from income limits and consulting how to best utilize certain government plans all the way to looking at non government sanctioned options that might net the same result.

Investment analysis and risk management

Risk management is the name of this game to us. It isn’t quite as much what we do own in our opinion, as much as what we do not own.

*Innovative Wealth Partners, Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd and LPL Financial do not provide legal and/or tax advice or services. Please consult your legal and/or tax advisor regarding your specific situation

Living with a better understanding

Our clients often feel comfortable once they realize that we have done all we can to align their goals/objectives with the products that we are implementing.

The comfort of having a plan in place is that you know that however the future unfolds you are covered.

Do you know the feeling after you organize a drawer or your desk?  You feel accomplished right?  That is the same feelings our clients can experience after an annual review or a financial strategy session.

Next step

Cut once and measure twice is our philosophy when it comes to strategies and risk management.  We like to spend the extra time up front so we know there aren’t surprises down the road.

  • Opportunity cost
  • Interest rate risks
  • Equity market risks
  • Currency valuation changes
  • Longevity
  • Technological obsolescence

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