You did the tough part to create wealth; allow us to help you maintain and grow it over time.

This is the bread and butter of what we do for our clients. We are typically hired to provide general consulting services on how to align ones core values and risk tolerances with cleints’ investment decisions.

We start this process by investigating the who, what, when, where, why and how about you and then incorporate this into your investment decisions.

Often, the process of making investment decisions becomes cluttered by the media. We do spend a fair amount of time discussing the many potential risks that exist in the marketplace today before we ever think about implementing any strategies.

We find that through proper planning we can offset some minor bumps along the road that life may throw our way.

Portfolio health check up

We will compare your portfolio to an index, your own personal benchmark, our benchmark and any custom variables you might want.

Everything explained - understandably

You have questions, we try to provide answers. After many years of experience, there isn’t much we haven’t ran into.

Risk/return balance

We all want the best returns possible but not everyone is willing to accept the same level of risk. Risk is VITAL to fully comprehend.

Watch closely over time

We feel that over time we must monitor, take the appropriate action steps and be sure to have the proper balance among type of products. Change can be costly.

True understanding yields confidence

It is never our goal to make you a broker, or expert on the matter, but having a general understanding of the why behind the decision, does help over time. Financial matters are vitally important and costly to change.

We attempt to make the learning fun and informative. We use analogies that put things into a context that are much more understandable. We find that when people get bored with decisions due to complexity it can cause problems and frustrations.

Respectful customer service is one of our biggest goals as a firm. We know that you are able to use many different resources when it comes to your money and we attempt to offer a service level that is top notch.


With no proprietary product or quotas, we offer access to a broad universe of products and services from different companies to meet your needs.

You can feel confident that your consultant at Innovative Wealth Partners has the access to comprehensive research, infrastructure, and support systems that help manage your financial life.

We look forward to serving you!